What is Your Instructor Bio and Why is it Important?

Your Instructor Bio is your dedicated space to present your expertise, your experience and your personality to prospective students. It makes up your user profile, and also appears on your course landing page(s).

What You Need to Know

  • Relate your Instructor Bio to your course topics.
  • Provide social proof to potential students on why you’re a legitimate expert.
  • Keep your bio short, relevant and concise.
  • Include a high quality non-pixelated, non-animated image of yourself.
  • Don’t include social links in your Instructor Bio. Add them to the designated links section of your profile instead. 
  • All information in your Instructor Bio must follow our Community Guidelines.

Remember, we do check for this as part of our Quality Review Process.

Where You Can Access Your Instructor Bio

You can access your Instructor Bio by clicking on the Profile icon on the main menu of the page.

To learn how to add or change your bio photo, please click here.

Best Practices

  • Relate your Instructor Bio to your course topics. If you’re teaching programing, emphasize your programming background. If you’re teaching sailing, emphasize your sailing skills. Teaching courses in multiple topics? Write your bio to cover your expertise in all of the topics.
  • Provide social signifiers. Include social proof for your potential students to demonstrate that you are an experienced and legitimate expert. Have you worked with many large, Fortune 500 companies in your career as a consultant? Name them.  Have you published articles in magazines? List them out. Real-world examples of your experience provide depth to your Bio.
  • Keep it comprehensive, but concise. This isn’t the place for 2,000 words on your childhood. Keep your Bio short, to the point, and relevant to your expertise.
  • Include a high-quality image of yourself. Share a non-pixelated, non-animated (no cartoons!) image of yourself to establish more trust with your students. If you are publishing as a company, including a corporate logo is fine.