The pleasantness of our online community experience is made possible by instructors and/ or facilitators (“Content Creator“) who are passionate about teaching and students/ event attendees who are dedicated to learning and growth. Ricasi Talent Development Centre (RTDC) is founded on core values centered around this collaboration and knowledge sharing. We are committed to empowering highly knowledgeable experts provide an adapted learning and networking experience to a community of young African professionals eager to learn and grow.

It is up to all of us here at the RTDC community: Content Creators, students, event attendees and the Ricasi Consultancy Limited team, to live these values. When we live these values, we continue to create a thriving, sustainable community where the African profession can harness the potential within to reinvent the African story, and have a great time doing it!

Who Forms our Community?

Students – Our students come to RTDC to have an engaging learning experience where they have access to a huge variety of relevant professional topics from experts who practice these skills on a daily basis.

Event Attendees – Event attendees are young African professionals who desire to sharpen their skills and network with like minded mentors and peers. They come to RTDC to consume information about or attend intellectually stimulating virtual and in-person events.

Content Creator: These are:

a) Instructors – Our instructors are an inspiring bunch who love to teach. They come to RTDC because of the opportunity to impact millions of students across the African continent, and for access to the tools, platform, and coaching that enables them to create high-quality courses.

b) Facilitators – Our passionate facilitators are truly energizing and desire to impart the tacit knowledge they have acquired over the years to eager young professionals. They come to RTDC because of the opportunity to impact millions of young African professionals through the platform and its tools that enables them to list and conduct both virtual and in-person events.

What are the Ground-Rules?

1. Don’t spam

Students come to RTDC to have a safe and engaging learning experience and instructors teach for the love of sharing knowledge. Event attendees also come to quench their thirst for professional knowledge from the rich reservoir of highly experienced facilitators and for networking opportunities with their peers.

Content Creators: Once you’re on the RTDC platform, don’t try to sell other products, events or spam each other with requests and offers.

2. Don’t game the system

  • For Content Creators: Don’t direct RTDC students and event attendees away from the RTDC platform, push the envelope on what is and is not allowed, or search for loopholes in policies. We want our community of students and event attendees to grow, as does every other Content Creator. When you game the system, the whole community loses out on having a common pool of engaged students and event attendees who want to learn and grow.
  • For students and event attendees: Don’t harass Content Creators, ask for free coupons, or offer reviews in exchange for things. The community relies on a healthy interaction between students, event attendees and Content Creators, as well as honest feedback to understand which courses and events (“Submitted Content“) offer most value.

3. Keep it professional

Our Content Creators actively collaborate and communicate with each other, as well as have healthy and vibrant discussions with students and event attendees promoting positive interactive experiences. We ask that, in connection with those relationships, you are respectful, honest, and considerate with other Content Creators, students, event attendees, and Ricasi Consultancy Limited staff. Be a positive member of the RTDC community. Never ask for personal information, or post unoriginal content as your own.

4. Free to Sell Related Merchandise

Feel free to sell merchandise that is related with your Submitted Content. Just make sure you are staying within legal rules associated with those items, and only sell merchandise that you’ve created or has been licensed or properly made available to you, and therefore your students or event attendees, for your advertised purpose.

5. Don’t Post Hateful/Dangerous Content, or Events By Hateful/Dangerous Organizations

Ricasi Consultancy Limited does not permit on our platform content or organizations that promote or encourage hate, violence, or harassment towards others and/or oneself. Specifically, we prohibit content or organizations that promote hate towards or the harassment of individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. This prohibition extends to the public promotion of this type of prohibited behavior whether or not specific to the content appearing as part of the Services.

6. Don’t Post Explicit Content

RTDC is not a place for pornography, or for explicit, violent and/or graphic content. This applies to all content on our site, including images, videos, and descriptions. We understand that not all nudity is pornographic, and that certain graphic content may be necessary to emphasize the nature of an event on our Services. We will remove content that exposes certain parts of the body, or is intended to celebrate violence or primarily to shock the viewer. Beyond this, we may choose to remove or make certain content private to ensure a general level of safety and appropriateness for the majority of the community.

7. If you see something, say something

If anything you see or experience anything that seems like a violation, or you are unsure about a policy, just let us know by emailing [email protected]. Someone on our team will review every report, answer your questions, and determine whether there has been a violation of our policies.

We’re here to help you understand our policies and be successful on RTDC.